How to run Phantomake

Phantomake is a terminal command. If you're unfamiliar with using a terminal, MDN has a tutorial that can teach you the basics.

Phantomake has two subcommands: build and watch. If no subcommand is given, it will default to the build subcommand.

phantomake [build] <source_directory> <output_directory>

The build subcommand runs Phantomake on a source directory, processes the source files into output, and saves that output to the output directory.


Phantomake will overwrite any existing files that match an output file it is writing, but it does not delete existing files in the output directory that don't conflict with any output.

# Processes files in `src` and output them to the `dist` directory
phantomake ./src ./dist

phantomake watch <source_directory>

The watch subcommand makes working on a Phantomake-generated site much more convenient. It watches the source directory and automatically rebuilds on any file changes. The output is written to a temporary directory and is made viewable on a local development server. By default this is http://localhost:8000 but can be customized with the --host and --port options if needed.

# Watches `src` for changes and hosts the build output at http://localhost:8000
phantomake watch ./src